Contact Information

  • Marko Vuorenpää

    Marko Vuorenpää


    +358 40 085 0069

  • Otto Miettinen

    Otto Miettinen


    +358 40 534 3477

  • Joni Varjo

    Joni Varjo

    Project manager

    +358 40 028 1333

  • Kari Hakula

    Kari Hakula

    Refrigeration Project & Service Manager

    +358 40 164 8474​


  • MasterAmp Oy
    Business ID: 2543355-8

    VAT number:

  • E-Invoicing

    MasterAmp Oy
    Business ID: 2543355-8

    E-invoicing address:


    Operator code:
    003723609900 or PAGERO

    If you are unable to send an electronic invoice, you can send a PDF invoice to the address In one email, only one invoice’s details can be included in a single PDF file, so any attachments related to the invoice should be scanned into the same PDF file as additional pages of the invoice. Please note that the postal address details found below must also be included in the PDF invoice.

  • Paper Invoices

    MasterAmp Oy
    OVT 003725433558
    PL 908
    02066 DOCUSCAN

    All other mail should be delivered to our address below:
    MasterAmp Oy
    Vuorentaustantie 4
    21270 Nousiainen

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Marko Vuorenpää

+358 40 085 0069

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