High-quality electrical installations.

MasterAmp is an electrical enterprise that provides electrical installation and
maintenance services to the shipbuilding industry and the property sector.

We offer all electrical services ranging from design to installation under one roof. Our
decade-long experience and professional skills allow us to deliver even large turnkey
projects reliably on time.

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Electrical Installations With a Decade of Experience

When MasterAmp was established in 2013, we made it our objective to provide only the best quality to our customers. We can now proudly say that we have been delivering high-quality electrical installations to our customers for more than ten years.

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Services off the Mainland

Electrical Installations on Land and Sea

Whether your site is on land or sea, we can deliver high-quality electrical installations. Off-mainland installations are carried out using our own vessels.

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Marko Vuorenpää


+358 40 085 0069

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