MasterAmp Upgrades K-Market Stores in Turku

MasterAmp has proudly been involved in revitalizing several K-Market stores in Turku. Among the latest projects are K-Market Portsa, K-Market Martinmylly, and K-Market Hanski. In these projects, MasterAmp handled the electrical installations, ensuring technical quality and energy efficiency, while the planning was carried out by a collaborative partner.


K-Market Portsa

K-Market Portsa reopened to customers in November 2023 after undergoing a complete transformation. Closed for nearly three months, the store’s electrical systems were overhauled by MasterAmp, significantly improving its energy efficiency. Upgrades included new electrical appliances, lighting, and refrigeration systems, resulting in a nearly 50% reduction in energy consumption. Store owner Jasper Wilenius remarked, “Our renovation was well-planned, and everything went smoothly. With new energy-saving solutions, our store’s energy consumption has decreased significantly.”


K-Market Martinmylly

K-Market Martinmylly reopened in early March 2024 following its refurbishment, where MasterAmp’s experts handled the modernization of electrical systems. The renovation allowed the store to expand its product range and offer energy-efficient solutions, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience for customers. Store owner Heli Nurmi commented, “The renovation was completed on schedule, and I must say, incredibly skilled professionals perform wonders here every day. A big thank you to all of them!”


K-Market Hanski

K-Market Hanski reopened in mid-June 2024 after renovation, with a photo showing a MasterAmp technician finalizing the electrical panel. During the photo shoot, the store buzzed with activity as MasterAmp’s technician focused on completing the electrical panel. Everyone was hard at work to ensure everything was ready for the opening day. Store owner Niina Puoskari praised MasterAmp’s team for their smooth collaboration and professionalism, which enabled a successful renovation.


MasterAmp – Your Reliable Partner

MasterAmp is proud to have participated in these significant projects, offering high-quality electrical solutions that enhance store functionality and energy efficiency. These projects demonstrate MasterAmp’s ability to successfully execute large and demanding renovations. The expertise and commitment to quality of MasterAmp’s team are key as we build future-ready stores together with our clients.

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