Electrical Installations

We carry out electrical installations for new and renovated buildings in accordance with the customer’s requirements, ensuring that the local power company can connect the property to the main grid. We also take care of the relevant testing and the required documentation pertaining to installations. We also carry out installations off the mainland using our own vessels.

  • Detached Houses
  • Terraced Houses
  • Apartment Blocks
  • Public Buildings and Properties
  • Holiday Homes
  • EV Charging Stations

Electrical Design

We can design and document internal and external electric networks according to our customers’ requests, and provide the equipment for the creation of a network and the devices, such as lamps, sockets, switches, cables, distribution cabinets, and switchgears, connected to it.

  • Drawings
  • Wiring and Circuit Diagrams
  • Lists of Materials
  • Reports

Electrical Installations for the Shipbuilding Industry

We design special systems for the shipbuilding industry and carry out wiring, connection, and commissioning projects. Our extensive experience and wide network of partners allow us to deliver even larger turnkey projects reliably on time.

  • Design, Installation, and Maintenance Work for Electrical Systems
  • Installations, Maintenance, and Repairs for Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration Sector Services

We deliver refrigeration systems including both equipment and installation, and offer the related maintenance services.

  • Air Source Heat Pumps and Other Refrigeration Sector Projects 
(Y3, Y3 A)

Solar power stations

We deliver solar power stations including both equipment and installation. Solar electricity can be utilized in all homes in Finland, regardless of roof type. We can deliver maintenance-free panels for the roofs of detached houses or housing companies and ensure that the equipment begins producing energy without issue.

Generating electricity with your own solar power station is affordable and free of emissions. Local generation of solar electricity is a smart investment as all the electricity you produce is free of charge, but it is also not subject to the electricity tax or electricity transfer fees.

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